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Sabi ni Sarah. amp! HAHAHA

Sabi ni Sarah. amp! HAHAHA


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Stalk pa. Gustong gusto mo talagang sinasaktan ang sarili mo eh.
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You hold my heart. You’re the only one who really owns it.

- She

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What you allow will always continue.
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Ang mga babae parang ADOBO, di kompleto kapag walang TOYO.
Patama Ni Juan
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Kahit ano pa sabihin nila against you, na hindi ka marunong sa isang relasyon. Hindi ako maniniwala kasi ako lang naman ang nakasama mo ng higit sa 5 taon. Sila? 1 or 2 months? Wala pa nga eh. "Short lived relationship" just what you’ve said. Hindi ka lang kasi marunong bumastos ng babae, kahit nga ata humingi ng smile sayo gagawin mo kahit pa alam ng lahat na parepareho namang committed. Hindi ka marunong mag’sungit kahit pa ako na ang magagalit sayo pano kasi nahihiya ka. Ano daw? Nakakatawa minsan katwiran mo pero natuto kana. :) Takot mo lang sa monster na ‘to ;)

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Someone who touched my soul and My life would suck without you.

Remember the song I’d rather? Ako oo. Yung lyrics ng kanta saktong-sakto sa nging sitwasyon noon. 

I’d rather have bad times with you
Than good times with someone else
I’d rather be beside you in a storm
Than safe and warm by myself

I’d rather have hard times together
Than to have it easy apart
I’d rather have the one who holds my heart
Yeah ♫♪

That made you realized to come home in my arms. And made you more realized my real worth than having that Bish  in your life.

And then I met someone
And thought she could replace you
We got along just fine
But wasted time because she was not you

We had a lot of fun
Though we knew we were faking
Love was not impressed with our connection built on lies, on lies  ♫♪

When you thought all the things had happened. The thrill  thing won’t last it’s just for the mean time, for a SHORT TIME. Everyone of us made mistakes and who I am not to forgive you baby? You’re reasons of all my smiles and all my tears until now. I won’t make this long baka kasi may maiyak dyan na iba. chos! Cheers for all we have been through babe no matter what I’m proud of you! You have dreams, big dreams and I’m here to stay supporting you with all your endeavors. ♥

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I know what you did last summer.

Reminds me of a scary movie pero parang ganito lang ang pakiramdam ko pag alam ko ang kabulastugan mo!

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For them you look so innocent and nice but to the person who knows how you’ve been good like you’re a pro can only say "Wow! what a hypocrite." 

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