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I don’t care! I want to share my love for her! 

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When the relationship you had with someone is being bashed. Just think about those happy moments you both had and never mind those bitches. They’re just fvcking insecure ‘cause you guys are still together.

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Minsan yung taong nag-mamahal sayo ay nag bubulag-bulagan kahit na alam niya ang kasinungalingan mo.

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'Cause you dare me. Here it is babe so happy now? :”>

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Ever had a terrible break up?

No. By the way what do you mean by “terrible” break up anyway? Is it like you call him/her up to talk about how the relationship can cope up? Is it telling him/her to stay with you unless you’re gonna die or going to be sick? Is it you’re going to revenge on him/her in any way? Is it you’re going to ruin his/her life and hunt him/her every single day? Is it after you beg but that person won’t changed his/her decisions? Is it being desperate to make him/her stay but that person never loves you anymore? Is it telling him/her “people soon forget that you had relationship with him/her and please choose me”. Is it confronting his/her partner by giving them your letters for that person who caused you pain and to make him/her realize that you are the most who deserved them? Is it telling them “Why not me?”. “Why can’t start over?”.

I once tried to survive a relationship I valued the most but then that person refused to. What else can I do? I let go. I never insist myself because I hate rejection. "If you don’t love me anymore go ahead! Leave! Go on to your life I don’t need you anymore! You’re not the only person who I can love okay?! A right person will soon come to save me." I was like this. These was how I convinced myself to move on. That break up was usual not terrible. Because I believe if a person truly loves you they won’t hurt you and have you as an option.

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Minsan nakakaasar lang yung may sasabihin ka na “gusto ko nun” tas babanatan ka ng dahil may ganyan si "ano" . Hello? gusto ko nga nun eh hindi dahil meron ang iba, dahil sa gusto ko talaga at passion ko ang animals. Ayoko lang talaga sa pakiramdam na pag-dududahan ka. 

First time in my life. I hate Monday.

First time in my life. I hate Monday.

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A coffee would be perfect. Goodmorning :”>

We Heart It.

We Heart It.

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We Heart It.

We Heart It.